York County has been growing at a rapid rate. Most school districts have experienced some growth and many have initiated some type of building project. Eastern is no exception.

Since the 1986-87 school year, our student population has increased by 354 students. By the end of 1995, all of our buildings were over 100% of their rated educational capacity. In 1989, the Eastern York Board of School Directors recognized that this problem would occur in the future and authorized a Demographic and Physical Plant Feasibility Study to be undertaken by BASCO Associates in the spring. That action touched off the following series of events.

Fall of 1989...The BASCO report was presented to the Board in October of 1989 and recommended the building of a middle school to house grades 6, 7, and 8 in order to take the pressure off of each elementary school by removing grade 6 and reduce overcrowding at the Junior/Senior High School by removing grades 7 and 8. 1990...The district investigated the possibility of building a school through privatization, whereby an independent company would build the building and lease it to the school district. The Pennsylvania Department of Education ruled that this type of arrangement would violate state laws regarding the construction bidding process. March of 1991...The Board selected the architectural firm of Bradley, Chambers, and Frey, of Lancaster, to begin the design of the building. 1992-June of 1993...The project was put "on hold" as district growth slowed drastically. July of 1993...District growth resumed, planning began again, and the design of the building was finalized. Spring of 1994...Bid documents were prepared and bid specifications released to interested bidders. October of 1994...Construction began. September of 1995...The building was opened for student use.

With the addition of this facility, the district should be able to handle expected growth for the foreseeable future. Further, the middle school has been designed to accommodate the addition of classrooms for 400 students that become necessary.