What is SWPBS?

What is SWPBS?

The School Wide Positive Behavior Supports Program is a school-wide initiative that aims to decrease unwanted student behaviors, and instead, recognize positive contributions of the students' actions. The foundation expands from the PBS (Positive Behavior Supports) system that focuses on building skills and recognizing positive behaviors in students. This allows for issues such as bullying, social skills, and resilience building to be addressed and improved upon.

Structure of SWPBS

School-Wide Positive Behavior Support is a proactive approach based on a three-tiered model of prevention and intervention. It includes universal prevention through employing school-wide systems of actively teaching and reinforcing appropriate social skills and behavior, using consistent systems to discourage inappropriate behavior, and educating all staff in how to implement and participate in the process. Teachers will teach, model, and practice each of the school-wide behavioral expectations and teach and re-teach these expectations throughout the year as needed. In addition, staff members are taught how to collect and utilize data for effective decision-making regarding the social skills and behavior instruction in their school.

Key Features:

  • Administrative leadership
  • Team-based implementation
  • A clear set of defined positive expectations and behaviors
  • Teaching of expected behaviors
  • Recognition of meeting expected behaviors
  • Monitoring and correcting errors in behaviors
  • Using data-based information for decision-making, monitoring, and evaluation

What does SWPBS do?

  • Applies behaviorally based approaches to create effective environments in which teaching and learning can occur.
  • Focuses on creating and sustaining school-wide, classroom, and individual supports that make problem behavior less rewarding and desired behavior more functionally effective.
  • Develops a set of core behavioral expectations for all students in the school.
  • Establishes a leadership team that guides the implementation of SWPBS.
  • Engages all school staff, parents, and students in maintaining expectations and employing SWPBS strategies.
  • Teaches those expectations across all areas of the school.
  • Provides positive reinforcement for meeting expectations.
  • Establishes a hierarchy of consequences as corrective procedures.
  • Collects data on the use of established procedures and the impact of those procedures on behavior.
  • Builds a set of procedures for maintaining SWPBS strategies school-wide.