Canadochly Bullying Prevention

Canadochly School

Bully Prevention and Positive Behavior Support

Our goal is to give students the tools to reduce bullying behavior through the combination of schoolwide positive behavior support and explicit instruction. Bully Prevention in Positive Behavior Support describes a 3 step response to problem behavior, including Stop, Walk, and Talk. Students and staff in all grade levels are taught this 3 step process by the school counselor. The program is made up of six lessons. Lesson 1 includes most of the curriculum components including the stop/walk/talk response, and also includes a good deal of class-wide practice. The second lesson includes how to reply when someone delivers the stop/walk/talk response to you, and also includes some essential group practice. The next lessons cover specific examples of how to use the stop/walk/talk response appropriately. More specifically, the lessons involve practice around how to respond to gossip, inappropriate remarks, and other specific problem behaviors that may surface at school. As part of the lessons there is discussion on the difference between talking and tattling. Talking is when you have tried to solve the problem yourself, and have used the "stop" and "walk" steps first:

Did you request "stop"?

Did you "walk away"?

Tattling is when you do not use the "stop" and "walk away" steps before "talking" to an adult. Tattling is when your goal is to get the other person in trouble.

If you have any questions about the Bully Prevention lesson, feel free to contact the school counselor.