District Breakfast / Lunch Menus

High School / Middle School



Breakfast $1.15   Breakfast $1.00
Reduced Breakfast $0.30   Reduced Breakfast $0.30
Regular Lunch $2.40   Regular Lunch $2.10
Reduced Lunch $0.40   Reduced Lunch $0.40
Alternate Lunch $2.40   A La Carte Milk $0.50
A La Carte Milk $0.50

Click on your school below to see CURRENT-MONTH's lunch or breakfast menu.

******Each Elementary building has their own menu for the month of June.  When you open the June menu you must scroll to get to the appropriate building. *******

High School
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Middle School
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Breakfast Menu
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Kreutz Creek
Breakfast Menu
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Breakfast Menu
Lunch Menu

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CURRENT-MONTH Elementary Breakfast
CURRENT-MONTH Elementary Lunch
CURRENT-MONTH Middle School Breakfast
CURRENT-MONTH Middle School Lunch
CURRENT-MONTH High School Breakfast
CURRENT-MONTH High School Lunch
NEXT-MONTH Elementary Breakfast
NEXT-MONTH Elementary Lunch
NEXT-MONTH Middle School Breakfast
NEXT-MONTH Middle School Lunch
NEXT-MONTH High School Breakfast
NEXT-MONTH High School Lunch
NEXT-MONTH menus will be available a few days before the end of CURRENT-MONTH.