District Breakfast / Lunch Menus

High School / Middle School



Breakfast $1.15   Breakfast $1.00
Reduced Breakfast $0.30   Reduced Breakfast $0.30
Regular Lunch $2.40   Regular Lunch $2.10
Reduced Lunch $0.40   Reduced Lunch $0.40
Alternate Lunch $2.40   A La Carte Milk $0.50
A La Carte Milk $0.50

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Kreutz Creek
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Breakfast Menu
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April Menus                                                             May Menus
April Elementary Breakfast
April Elementary Lunch
April Middle School Breakfast
April Middle School Lunch
April High School Breakfast
April High School Lunch
May Elementary Breakfast
May Elementary Lunch
May Middle School Breakfast
May Middle School Lunch
May High School Breakfast
May High School Lunch
May menus will be available a few days before the end of April.