Work Permit Info

How to obtain a work permit: A parent or legal guardian should make an appointment to meet with Mrs. Sullivan, Issuing Officer at the High School Counseling Office.
(717)-252-1551 ext. 60520

The parent/guardian must bring an official document with the student’s birth date, i.e. birth certificate, passport, student driver’s permit/license, etc. The parent/guardian must sign the application in Mrs. Sullivan's presence. If the parent is unable to appear in person, the student may then obtain an “Attestation Document” from Mrs. Sullivan. This form requires the parent/guardian sign in the presence of a Notary Public.

As soon as the application is completed, the student will be issued a work permit. The work permit, which is a transferable one, is good for any employer the student has until the student is 18. Please keep in mind you do not need a work permit for a job interview.

The law no longer requires a health physical or an employer to sign the work permit document. Also, there is now one paper permit for all age groups. All other child labor laws regarding hours of employment are still in effect. You may obtain further information form the State Government Website.