Welcome to Skyward Access



Eastern York school district has changed our automated phone calling system to a new system called SchoolMessenger.  This new system has some additional features that will allow both the district and parents to take advantage of.  In Family Access within Skyward there is a new menu item on the left called Skylert.  Skylert enables you to receive notifications concerning your child(ren).  You have control over which notification to receive and how you like to receive them.  The contact information that we have in our Skyward system has already been transferred over.  You may add additional phone numbers and/or email accounts.  A new feature of the system is the ability to receive text messages.  In order to receive text messages you will need to go into Skylert and add a cell phone number for text messages. For each phone number or email address there are box that you can check off to receive the various types of phone calls.  


The categories for the messages are as follow:

School hours emergency -  (emergency calls that occur during the regular school day)

Non-school hours emergency - (emergency calls that occur outside of the regular school day)

Weather Announcements - (Calls for school closings, delays, or early dismissals due to a weather event)

Attendance - (Calls to update you when your child(ren) are absent)

General - (General announcement)

Survey - (To receive a survey from the school)

The main contact information cannot be changed through skylert.  This information can only be changed in “Student Info” by requesting changes for a student.  All other additional information (including additional phone numbers, email addresses, text numbers and notification options) will only be saved to SchoolMessenger.  All families and guardians for a student will have access to Skylert using this interface.

SKYWARD FAMILY ACCESS  -   Family Access is an application through our student information management software, Skyward, that will allow parents to view student attendance, demographics, grades, emergency information, report cards, and much, much more. Each authorized parent or legal guardian is provided with his/her unique login and password for Family Access. You only need one login to access all of your students. The login that is assigned will remain active throughout all of the years that you have a student enrolled in the District. To obtain your login and password, simply contact the building where your student is enrolled. Do not share your login information with your student. Students in grades 6 to 12 are provided with their own unique login information to view their grades, assignments and schedule.

When you log into Family Access, please take a moment in the Student Information section and verify that the information we have on file is correct. Please be sure to verify that your e-mail address is correct. If there is any information that needs to be changed, click on “Request Change(s) to My Child’s Information” at the top right of the screen, enter your changes and click on Save. Your changes will be electronically submitted to the office for approval. Your student’s school office may be contacting you if additional information is required to complete your request. Please note that you cannot change your residential address through Family Access. You MUST visit your student's school and show appropriate proof of residency.

We are very excited about how Family Access will help you stay informed about your student’s progress and hope that we can use this tool to create a stronger relationship between parents and our school community. 

SKYWARD STUDENT ACCESS  -  Student Access provides students with easy access to information regarding grades, assignments, schedules, attendance etc. At a specified time during the school year, students in grades 9 to 11 will be able to request the courses that they would like to take for the next school year.